In March 1999, Thierry Cuvillier left France for Taiwan and became a disciple of Master Lo Man Kam [Yip Man nephew's] founder of the first Wing Chun Kung Fu school in Taiwan , and has been Lo's certificated assistant-instructor since 2005. Soon afterwards, Thierry started to teach Wing Chun and eventually set up his own Wing Chun school in Taiwan.
Before he started to follow Master Lo Man Kam , Thierry has already acquainted himself with martial arts from diverse sources. From 1989 to 1990 ,He served in French army during whereby he learned the close-combat when he went to a commando training base in Germany. In 1991 [Paris], he began to take Taekwondo lessons with Dido Daniel and then went on to learn Hapkido and a more advanced Taekwondo with Master Kim Young Ho, chairman of World Taekwondo Federation and a close-combat instructor who served in the Korean army. It was during this time that Thierry was granted the black belt by the Master Kim Young Ho, In 1996 ,Thierry acquired the French National Certificate of Sport Education (BEES) and in the following year completed a Diploma of general university studies in Sport granted by Professionalized University Institute (IUP). Then in 1997 he served as an official instructor in Taekwondo and Self-Defense, but also as Sports educator in school, clubs & associations. However, not contented with what he knew and wanting to search for something more diversified, Thierry decided to study the Kung fu Wushu and after the Sanda with Sifu Roger Itier [Ecole le Dragon] .
Then in 1997, he start to take Wing Chun Kung Fu lessons with Sifu Didier Beddar at the Wing Chun Academy . After two years of tough training , In 1999, Thierry chose to come to Taiwan for the more advanced and complete training with Master Lo Man Kam, praised as "Father of Wing Chun in Taiwan" and instructors in Taiwan Police special force [SWAT] . After years of practicing, with encourage of Master Lo, Thierry started to teach Wing Chun in various places (European School Taipei, schools and parks) in Taiwan while learning more skill from Master Lo . in July 24th 2011, Thierry inaugurated the official opening of his Wing Chun school , where Master Lo Man Kam and Thierry students  gathered to celebrate this event. In 2012, Sifu Thierry formally completed the final stage of Lo Man Kam Wing Chun system and in 2018 acquired the certification of 8th DEGREE conferred by The World Lo Man Kam Kung Fu Federation. The Wing Chun school welcomes all serious students , for more informations, please feel free to contact us:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Thierry Cuvillier International Wing Chun Academy 泰力國際詠春拳學校 
Kung Fu - Self-defense - Meditation
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Lo Man Kam Wing Chun Lineage 盧文錦詠春拳