Sifu Thierry Cuvillier

2nd Generation after Ip Man direct student of Sifu Lo Man Kam (Ip Man Nephew)


Article News Paper HONG KONG

    South China Morning Post 


      Meditation & Relaxation     Thierry Cuvillier   

       FOSHAN (China) 2018         
           IP MAN MUSEUM

 Authentic Wing Chun Kung Fu at Montpellier

Summer vacations/ the school  will  close from July 27 to August  15, 2019

STAGE Pontcharra & Grésy-Sur-Isère 2019

APRIL 2019 Edina Pásztorné Novák Edina teacher from Hungary came to Montpellier                          for a training course at  TC academy. 

APRIL 6TH, 2019   Training Course MARSEILLAN (MJC)

Thierry Cuvillier International Wing Chun Academy 泰力國際詠春拳學校
Art Martiaux - Kung Fu - Self-defense - Meditation
Montpellier (France) - Taipei (Taiwan) - Vancouver (Canada)                              
Lo Man Kam Wing chun Lineage 盧文錦詠春拳