Feeling  [by Thierry Cuvillier] .

In Wing Chun your mind should be free... free of thinkingfree of all analytic.During the action, you will never have enough time to analysis your enemy...Everything is fast, and everything is unforeseeable...Rely on thinking and analysis, the body reaction will always be more slower than you think ...So when you start to think and decide to do something, your opponent will have a " time "          ( between the begin of the thinking and the begin of your reaction no matter attacking or defending). This is a really importante time - this is a time when you do nothing ! -  so your reaction-time will be automatically too slow ... To be fast in the action doesn't mean necessary to be fast by the speed of your attack or defense, it's not necessary by your physical capacity ... To be fast in the action its also to be able to reduce the time of reaction by your mind , to get the capacity to "turn off the system of thinkings " , to cut this " useless time "... If you can get this capacity, you will get feeling [gut reaction], if you get feeling , you will get Kungfu..   

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